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NAAC Steering Committee


Dr. Moksha Nayak
Principal, KVGDCH


Dr. Shaila. M.
Professor, Oral Pathology, KVGDCH
Ph. 9980736405
Email: shailambhat123@gmail.com

Dr. Deviprasad Nooji
Professor, Prosthodontics, KVGDCH
Ph. 9448688673
Email: devinooji@gmail.com

Criterion 1

Dr. Sharath Kumar Shetty
Professor & HOD, Orthodontics, KVGDCH


Dr. Brigith Alphonsa
Reader, Orthodontics, KVGDCH

Criterion 2

Dr. Krishna Prasad L
Professor & HOD, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, KVGDCH

Co-ordinator Dr. Ramya M.K.
Reader, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, KVGDCH
Criterion 3

Dr. Nusrath Fareed
Professor & HOD, Public Health Dentistry, KVGDCH

Co-ordinator Dr. Jaseela Praveena
Sr. Lecturer, Public Health Dentistry, KVGDCH
Criterion 4

Dr. Savitha Satyaprasad
Professor & HOD, Pedodontics, KVGDCH

Co-ordinator Dr. Krishnamoorthy S.H.
Professor, Dept.of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, KVGDCH
Criterion 5

Dr. Jayaprasad Anekar
Professor & HOD, Oral Medicine & Radiology, KVGDCH


Dr. Prasanna Kumar D.
Professor & HOD, Dept. of Oral Surgery, KVGDCH

Criterion 6

Dr. Moksha Nayak
Principal, KVGDCH

Co-ordinator Dr. Supriya H.
Sr. Lecturer, Oral Pathology, KVGDCH
Criterion 7

Dr. Dayakar M. M
Professor & HOD, Periodontology, KVGDCH

Criterion 8

Dr. Shaila. M.
Professor, Oral Pathology, KVGDCH

Dr. Deviprasad Nooji
Professor, Prosthodontics, KVGDCH

NAAC Undertaking

This is to declare that K.V.G. Dental College & Hospital, Kurunjibag, Sullia, D.K. Karnataka - 574327 adheres to the provisions of Statutory Regulatory Authorities (DCI) as applicable to the institution, and also undertakes to adher to changes, if any, from time to time

Further, this is to declare and undertake that:

  1. The Institution has valid approval / University affiliation for all the programme offered by the institution
  2. The institution has obtained necessary approval / permission / recognition from appropriate SRA as under law and is valid / applied for renewal as applicable
  3. The information / responses provided in IIQA online are genuine and valid.
  4. At the time of submission of IIQA, it is certified that the institution is not debarred of made ineligible for further renewal of affiliation / recognition etc., by any competent authority / court of Law
  5. The students who have graduated from this institution have been issued degree / PG certificate from the legally certified authorities.
  6. No Government body has declared the institution as an illegal entity.
  7. The institution undertakes to inform NAAC of any changes in the status indicated during / after submission of IIQA & therefore i.e., till the validation of accreditation status bestowed upon them.
  8. The IIQA has been prepared & submitted online from within the institution with an IP address 192.16810.24 of computer belonging to the Institution
  9. Acceptance of IIQA by NAAC is only provisional and the onus of adhering to eligibility norms lies with the institution.

In case information provided is found to be contrary to the fact, it shall result in cancellation of NAAC grading, along with initiation of legal action. It will be the total responsibilty of the Institution to substantiate claims made by the Institution in its application to the satisfaction of NAAC when ever called for.


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